Woman holding her backChiropractic
We provide safe, effective treatment to help you achieve your fullest health.

Chiropractic care for sports injuries has been found to be safe and effective. Shown to enhance athletic performance, professional athletes regularly schedule chiropractic care into their training.

Massage can help improve circulation and reduce stress. We provide various types of 60-minute massages, including sports and deep tissue massages.

Manipulative Therapy
This therapy safely reduces neurologic and muscular stress by restoring joint function and position. Chiropractors have the most extensive knowledge in manipulative therapy of any health care practitioner.

Customized Rehabilitative Exercise
Prescribed stretching and strengthening exercises promotes stability and helps prevent re-occurrence of the injury.

Orthotics & Supports
Foot orthotics, supports and braces can be utilized to limit motion, prevent improper bio-mechanics and aid in the treatment of injuries.

Diet & Nutrition
Dietary changes or nutritional supplementation may be prescribed to decrease symptoms and increase the rate of tissue repair.