Doctor monitored weight loss program

Hi, this is actually my first time blogging.  But what I wanted to talk about was an exciting new product line that I am selling in my office.  Isagenix is the best product I have ever used for cleansing and losing weight. is where you can see all of the products.  However we are having a class on 2/9/11 at 6:30pm at 1177 Mission Road, Suite C SSF CA 94080 where you can come and test try all the products, get weighed, get your measurements and have your body fat percentage taken.

The advantage to doing this program with me is that you have me monitoring your weight, body fat percentage, calorie intake and overall health.  The other advantage is that I can tailor a program specifically for people with special needs.  Such as diabetes, thyroid issues and multiple medications.  This program is designed to replace certain meals that you normally would eat through your day.   The difference is that these meals assimilate easier in your body and give you all the nutrition that you need so that you can consume less calories.  The other difference is there is a cleansing component that allows your body to get rid of toxins that are linked to fat cells.  The reason most people can’t lose weight or go on the never-ending roller coaster of gaining and losing weight is because they never get rid of the toxins in their body.  Once you get rid of the toxins, your body can release the fat.  I’ll try and say it another way:  Your body puts fat around toxins so that you don’t poison yourself.  They act as insulation or a buffer system.  If you decrease the calories you take in with a traditional diet the fat cells get smaller but they are still there.  So that when you stop exercising or stop dieting the fat cells swell back up and your fat again or even fatter.  They key is to get rid of the number of fat cells that way if you stop exercising or stop dieting you won’t regain your weight back and you will be more likely to accomplish your weight loss goals.  Please contact Dr. Nathan Morello 650-225-9900 to make your reservation to attend this awesome class.

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